Benin Visa On Arrival.

Simple and Fast Processing

What is Benin visa?

In April 2018, Benin government introduced Benin visa for citizens around the world. There are three types of Benin e-Visa,which are single entry 30 days, and 30 and 90 days multiple entries. Benin visa are 100% online.

Who is Eligible for Benin Visa On Arrival?

All Travelers are eligible for Benin Visa On Arrival, except citizens from countries who are visa exempt, unlikely the traditional paper visa, all travellers can apply for Benin visa online before travel, to avoid deny of entry upon arrival.

How to apply Benin Visa On Arrival?

Benin Visa On Arrival is very easy and fast to apply,you can apply only through a phone or PC anytime, All you need is to submit the Benin visa application form, and make the payment, then the Benin visa usually will delivery to your email within 24 Hours.

Requirement for Benin visa?

Benin Visa On Arrival application is a simplified process, there is no additional documents are requried to submit along with the application form. but applicants must hold a passport valid no less than 6 months.

Important Information about Benin visa benin-visa-online-application

Step 1

Fill Benin visa Form

Submit the simplified Benin visa form. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete. It is an easy process to do.

Step 2


Our Visa experts reviews your provided information if it all match the Benin visa application requirement.

Step 3

Receive Benin visa via email.

Once your Benin Visa application is lodged we will send you a confirmation email with all necessary details.

Frequently Ask Question About The Republic of Benin visa Application

Disclaimer: is not affiliated with the Benin Government, If you prefer, you may also present your application directly on the website of the Benin Embassy . aims is to help individuals and legal entities in their administrative travel document and paperwork to enter Republic Benin. The prices charged €115, €135.00 or €165, covers the costs for the immigration services (€50, €75 and €100 depending on the type of visa selected) as well as the help and assistance of visa Benin for the duration of this e-Visa.